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Engineering (Pre)
Engineering (Pre)
Skills You'll Need

You will need to have a strong background in math, physics, and critical thinking skills in the engineering field. According to Engineering transfer program coordinator and Lake Michigan College instructor Mike Durren, you must have an analytical problem-solving mind and a love of math.

Success in engineering is dependent on the ability to:

  • Apply scientific rules
  • Understand physics rules and principles
  • Understand and apply mathematic rules
  • Be able to use and interpret scientific instruments

As an engineer you will be required to be a life-long student. With the rapid advances in science, you must be constantly studying and thinking ahead of the technology curve. Scientific advancements mean that you must be self-motivated in researching, testing, and developing. You must be able to keep up with technology in order to remain eligible for promotions and advancements.

The ability to communicate verbally and in writing is critical. Engineers are no longer isolated, sitting by themselves solving problems. They are now involved in teams made up of people from many fields. Engineers need to communicate their thoughts and ideas to co-workers in other engineering sub-disciplines as well as business fields like sales and promotions.

Other required skills include:

  • Deductive reasoning
  • Technological knowledge
  • Problem solving ability
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