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Flexible Course Delivery
Flexible Course Delivery
Open Entry/Open Exit and Open Entry/Defined Exit

Registration & Completion
Open Entry/Open Exit (OE/OE) and Open Entry/Defined Exit (OE/ DE) courses are self-paced classes designed to allow students more flexibility in completing some of their coursework. Courses offered in these formats are designated in the class schedule with either an OE/OE (Open Entry/Open Exit) or an OE/DE (Open Entry/Defined Exit).

An Open Entry/Open Exit course allows the student to complete the course by the end of the following semester, if necessary. Students may register at any time up to the last two weeks of the semester; however, they must begin the course immediately upon enrollment. Students must engage in at least one instructional activity within the first week of enrolling in the course to maintain academic progress. After that, students should work to complete the coursework as quickly as they are able. Open Entry/Open Exit courses must be completed by the end of the next full semester. (Financial aid students, please see special note below for requirements.)

Open Entry/Defined Exit courses must be completed within the semester the student registers. Students must register no later than two weeks prior to the end of the semester; however students who enroll after the semester has begun must begin coursework immediately upon registration and complete at least one instructional activity within the first week of registering for the class. Open Entry/Defined Exit courses do not extend into the following semester.

If an OE/OE (Open Entry/Open Exit) course is not completed by the end of the semester in which the student enrolled, students will receive an IP (In-Progress) at the end of the term. Sufficient academic progress toward completion, as defined in the course syllabus, will determine if a student is eligible for an IP or will receive a grade. Students, therefore, must satisfy requirements for continued progress before an IP will be awarded. If an IP is awarded, students have until the end of the following semester to complete their coursework.

An OE/DE (Open Entry/Defined Exit) course must be completed by the end of the semester, regardless of when the student enrolled for the course. The grade earned will be recorded on the student’s transcript.

Withdrawal from an OE/OE or OE/DE Course
Students may withdraw from an OE/OE or OE/DE course with a “W” up through 80% of the allotted completion time of the course. Students should consult the College’s web site for specific dates. Late withdrawals are solely at the discretion of the instructor and must be completed on the appropriate form with the instructor’s signature.

Dropping a OE/OE or OE/DE Course
Students who register for an OE/OE or OE/DE course by the last day to add courses for the semester, may drop the course according to the published semester drop date. OE/OE or OE/DE courses registered for after the full semester’s last day to add may be dropped within three days of the posted registration. For courses OE/OE or OE/DE courses dropped during the allowable timeframe, the regular tuition refund policy applies.

Special Note for Financial Aid Students Enrolled in Open Entry Courses
Students using financial aid to pay for an Open Entry course must register during the regular semester registration period at the beginning of the semester in order for these classes to be included in their financial aid package. Students MUST begin work on their Open Entry course (whether it is OE/OE or OE/DE) before the financial aid for the class will be released to the student’s account. Students must continue regularly participating in the class to maintain academic standards of progress for the course. If students do not continue working on the course, (more than two weeks with no class activity) through at least the 60% point of the semester in which they enrolled, the financial aid award will be recalculated and possibly reduced, which could result in the student owing the College or the Department of Education for previously awarded financial aid. Students with a financial hold on their account may not be permitted to enroll in future terms.

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