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Tuition & Fees
Tuition & Fees

Below is a listing of the tuition rates for the 2014 - 2015 academic year. If you have any questions, please contact Student Services at (269) 927-8128, or call any campus.

Tuition rates per credit hour are:
$ 89.50 - In-district
$138.40 - In-state
$184.70 - Out-of-state
$202.70 - International

View the Residency Requirements.

Contact Hour Fees
A $42 or $44 per-contact-hour fee will be charged to all students, based on Campus location. The fee supports services provided by the College that directly enhance the learning experience. Of the $42 or $44, $14 is assessed as an Enrollment and General Academic Fee, $1 as a Student Activity Fee, $13 as a Facility Fee to assist in the upgrade and maintenance of the campuses, $13 as a Technology Fee to fund campus computer and classroom technology equipment upgrades, and $3 for the Napier Avenue Campus and $1 for all other LMC Campus locations for the Student Senate Campus fund which will be used to address campus needs students identify as a priority. Other fees may be assessed based on the course structure, payment timing or late registration.

Contact Hours
Lake Michigan College assigns the number of contact hours for a course based upon the total amount of weekly instructional time a student will receive in the course. This instructional time includes all types of instruction such as lecture, lab, etc.

Not sure how many contact billing hours your class has? Use the Contact Hour Chart! This searchable chart provides Academic Credit Hour and Contact Billing Hour information for each Lake Michigan College course.


Combined Tuition & Fees*
 Contact Hours In-district
Tuition & Fees
Tuition & Fees
Tuition & Fees
Tuition & Fees
1 $133.50 $182.40 $228.70 $246.70
2 $267 $364.80 $457.40  $493.40
3 $400.50 $547.20 $686.10  $740.10
4 $534 $729.60 $914.80  $986.80
5 $667.50 $912 $1,143.50  $1,233.50
6 $801 $1,094.40 $1,372.20  $1,480.20
7 $934.50 $1,276.80 $1,600.90 $1,726.90
8 $1,068 $1,459.20 $1,829.60 $1,973.60
9 $1,201.50 $1,641.60 $2,058.30 $2,220.30
10 $1,335 $1,824 $2,287 $2,467
11 $1,468.50 $2,006.40 $2,515.70  $2,713.70
12 $1,602 $2,188.80 $2,744.40  $2,960.40
13 $1,735.50 $2,371.20 $2,973.10  $3,207.10
14 $1,869 $2,553.60 $3,201.80  $3,453.80
15 $2,002.50 $2,736 $3,430.50  $3,700.50

Tuition and fees subject to change without notice.
Some classes may have additional costs above tuition, the general service fee, and the technology fee.
* Chart is based on $44 per-contact-hour fee and is for reference purposes only.

Delinquency/Collection Fee
Beginning with Spring Semester 2015 a 33%, of total balance, delinquency/collection fee will be added to all account balances not paid by the due date on the final notice.

Experiential Fee
The experiential fee is for students who, through work experience and demonstration of their knowledge, place out of classes. If you substitute work experience for a class this way and have the credits applied toward your transcript, a fee of $50 will be charged for each course.

Late Registration Fee 
A late registration fee will be charged if you register for classes after the regular registration period. During the week before the start of the semester or term, a $20 late registration fee will be charged to students registering for the first time, or who are adding classes to their existing schedule. During the first week of classes, students may only register for or add classes that have not yet met for the first time. A late registration fee will be charged. See the College Calendar for specific late registration dates.

Internet Course Tuition
Tuition for Internet courses offered through Lake Michigan College to students referred by Michigan Community College Virtual Learning Consortium (MCCVLC), differs from standard tuition rates paid by accepted LMC students. The rates are:

In-district $160.00 per contact hour
Out-of-district $230.00 per contact hour
Out-of-state $300.00 per contact hour

* These rates subject to change without notice

For Internet courses offered through MCCVLC only, students are eligible for in-district tuition rates if they are residents of any Michigan community college district. Michigan residents who do not live within a community college district will be charged out-of-district rates. All other students will pay the out-of-state tuition rate. The only LMC fee that is applied, in addition to the internet tuition rate, is a Late Registration fee as appropriate.

Refund Procedure

  • A 100% refund of tuition and all fees will be made if a class is canceled by the College.
  • A 100% refund of tuition and course fees will be made if a class is dropped by the student within the published drop dates.
  • For classes withdrawn after the published drop date has passed, no refund of tuition or fees will be approved. Students with extenuating situations may file a formal tuition appeal available at any campus Student Services area.

Credit Hour Limit

No student may take more than 18 semester hours without special permission from the appropriate dean or designee.  Permission may be granted in those instances where students have a 3.00 (B) cumulative GPA or better. During the Summer or Spring sessions, a student may not exceed a maximum of 8 semester hours without permission from the appropriate Dean.

Full-Time Status
A student must be registered for a minimum of 12 credit hours to be designated as a full-time student during the 14-week semesters.

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