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Veterinary Medicine (Pre)
Veterinary Medicine (Pre)
The Classroom Experience

Two students do class-work in biology

“Veterinary medicine is one of the most competitive schools to gain admittance. The admissions board considers each and every grade you earn,” says Lake Michigan College instructor Dr. Susan Lentz. “This means that regardless of the course, biology, government, chemistry or art, each grade is considered.”

This program is very academically demanding and moves at a fast pace. Instructors will expect you to focus on your studies and not lose sight of your goal of applying to veterinary school. Since many of these classes are introductory or general overviews, it is important to your academic success to attend and actively participate in every class.

Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)
The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is generally completed at the beginning of your junior year in college. Application for transfer and preparation for the MCAT should begin during your sophomore year. Consult your academic advisor for specific guidance.

Before veterinarians can establish a private practice in any state, a license is required through the individual state. Licensing is only granted to those who pass the state-required examinations.

Technology in the Classroom
Technology is found in almost every lab. In your science labs, you will use an individual, wireless laptop, where simulated experiments are presented and tested.

Technology is also used in the classroom. A variety of technologies are used in conjunction with traditional lecture and hands-on activities. PowerPoint presentations, videos, DVDs, the Internet and materials available on Canvas (the College's instructional Intranet) play an important role in class.

Getting the Most from the Program
“To gain admittance to a veterinary school, students must excel in all of their science and math courses,” says Dr. Lentz. “It is more difficult to get into a veterinary school than a medical school, so the competition is tough. It is very selective. Veterinarians must understand many different animals, not just humans.  Therefore, veterinary medicine is an intense discipline.”

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