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Administrative Office Systems
Administrative Office Systems

A profession once defined by taking shorthand and typing letters has stepped into the digital age. In addition to scheduling appointments, managing records, and providing excellent customer services, today's administrative assistant is at the center of computerized word processing, database management, electronic communication, and even web design.

As company and institutional goals become more challenging to meet, efficiency in the office setting is a must.

If you want to be a vital link in the team that makes it all happen, you should consider training for this increasingly challenging and rewarding field.

Career Information

Today's office setting is fast paced. Producing reports, coordinating face-to-face and virtual meetings, establishing and achieving timelines for projects and maintaining records are just some of the activities which administrative assistants are expected to do.

A typical day for an administrative assistant can include: Developing a sales report using spreadsheet software, working with customers and clients, scheduling meetings and appointments, preparing PowerPoint presentations incorporating graphs, charts, data, video, and audio... read more


Classroom Experience

"It was once the perception that anyone could be an administrative assistant. That isn't true," states LMC Administrative Office Systems instructor and advisor Lisa Augustyniak. "Today's administrative assistant has to be trained to utilize a wide variety of technology-based tools as well as have proficiency in using software packages for word processing, database management, and multimedia presentations. The Administrative Office Systems program at LMC prepares students well for this type of challenging work."  Because today's office environment is so heavily dependent on technology, you will become familiar with software programs.. read more

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