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Commercial Horticulture Operations
Agriculture - Commercial Horticulture Operations

Southwest Michigan is home to orchards, farms, and greenhouses of all sizes. This quiet giant industry in Michigan ranks #3 in national apple production, and #1 in sour cherry and pickling cucumber production in the nation. With the influence of Lake Michigan, southwest Michigan is a great place to grow many kinds of fruits and vegetables. These growers and farm professionals are dedicated to safely growing their crops and getting their food to our tables efficiently and with great taste.

Michigan State University and Lake Michigan College have partnered to offer the agriculture programs together. Students take half of the credits needed for each program through LMC and the other half through MSU, so students must be dually enrolled at both LMC and MSU.

View the Enrollment Process for the MSU IAT Applied Plant Science Program at Lake Michigan College.

Career Information

Horticulturists working in commercial horticulture perform a wide range of duties to grow the specialized crops that are in demand in our region. They must water plants either by hand or through increasingly specialized irrigation controls; scout for insects, disease, and weed pests; and decide how and when to control those pests. Horticulturists also maintain equipment, prune plants as needed, transplant seedlings and larger plants, maintain plant training systems, and many other tasks that are seasonally dependent. read more

Classroom Experience

Students in the Applied Plant Sciences programs get many different classroom experiences during their time at LMC. From biology and chemistry courses to English and math, students experience small classroom sizes and individual attention from instructors in many general education courses. Some MSU courses are held in the interactive television room where the instructor can be in East Lansing, Traverse City or there in the same ITV room. Other courses are in either labs or in classrooms at LMC, and a few are online courses. read more

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