Outside view of Napier Avenue Campus

Winner's Circle Benefit Auction

Save the date!

Winner's Circle 26 Benefit Auction will be Saturday, March 5, 2016.

Ways to participate:
  • Host a table of 8 to 10
  • Purchase individual tickets
  • Donate an item
  • Sponsor a scholarship
  • Purchase a raffle ticket

For more information, contact Mary Klemm at (269) 927-6849.

2016 Auction Executive Committee​

Auction Chairs: Erik & Gloria Ender
Procurement Chairs: Deb O'Connor and Chris & Carrie Adams
Advanced Gift Chairs: Randy & Monika Reimers and David Schaffer
Wine Grab Chairs: Heidi Peters, Janine Harrison, and Lisa Welch
Members-at-Large: Cindy Ehrenberg, Mari Hoffmann, Anneliese Keehn, Ruth Ludlow, and Jim Ross

Photos from Winner's Circle 2015

IMG_0682_MR IMG_0673_MR IMG_0690_MR IMG_0783_MR IMG_0887_MR IMG_0835_MR IMG_0430_MR IMG_0435_MR IMG_0459_MR IMG_0462_MR IMG_0479_MR IMG_0463_MR IMG_0484_MR IMG_0487_MR IMG_0488_MR IMG_0504_MR IMG_0502_MR IMG_0513_MR IMG_0515_MR IMG_0518_MR IMG_0526_MR IMG_0531_MR IMG_0527_MR IMG_0533_MR IMG_0535_MR IMG_0542_MR IMG_0543_MR IMG_0544_MR IMG_0545_MR IMG_0547_MR IMG_0549_MR IMG_0553_MR IMG_0552_MR IMG_0554_MR IMG_0574_MR IMG_0663_MR IMG_0576_MR IMG_0580_MR IMG_0581_MR IMG_0584_MR IMG_0586_MR IMG_0605_MR IMG_0634_MR IMG_0638_MR IMG_0690_LR IMG_0776_MR