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If you are considering a career in biology, then ask yourself these questions:   

  • Are you interested in scientific research?
  • Do you enjoy learning about how science impacts modern society?
  • Would you enjoy studying about and solving current ecological problems?
  • Can you imagine taking part in discovering new treatments for disease?
  • Are you intrigued by the revolutionary fields of genetics, molecular biology and/or biotechnology?

If any of these questions sparked your interest, then explore the many career avenues that the Biology transfer program at Lake Michigan College has to offer.

Career Information

Depending on your career goals, different levels of education are required.

A two-year degree is sufficient for a slim selection of careers. Medical assistants and veterinary technicians positions are available, but many are beginning to require a higher educational background. 

Some students are able to enter the workforce after completing their bachelor's degree. Entry-level positions are found in government and business. Many graduates go on to become secondary school teachers. read more

Classroom Experience

When it comes to classroom work you must stay focused and open your mind. Be prepared to entertain alternate explanations in theory and experimentation.

Class time serves as an introduction of material. It is up to you, as the student, to apply the learned knowledge inside, as well as outside the classroom. Lake Michigan College instructors expect dedication from students.

The Biology program has a rigorous schedule and carries a heavy academic load. LMC instructors will expect you to have good.. read more

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