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Corrections, Probation, & Parole
Corrections, Probation, & Parole

In today's society, crime is a growing reality. As prisons reach maximum capacity, there is a need for corrections officers to maintain order and control in those environments. As solutions for prison overcrowding lead to more offenders being released early, there is a growing need for probation and parole officer to oversee their actions after release.

Are you someone that would want to work within the justice system to make sure criminals stay on the right track? Then look into this program. A career in corrections, probation, and parole will utilize your interpersonal skills, and your patience while you provide a service vital to society.

This program trains you for jobs in corrections, probation, parole, and related fields. It can be completed as either a certificate or associate's degree. The academic certificate is for those interested in an entry-level position in corrections. The associate's degree program is a transfer program. If you are interested in probation or parole, you should pursue a bachelor's degree.

Career Information

With an education in corrections, probation, and parole, you have a wide variety of potential careers from which to choose in the judicial system. Some careers available with a certificate or associate's degree include:

  • Jail guard
  • Corrections officer

As a jail guard or corrections officer, you will be responsible for maintaining order within the facility and enforcing the rules and regulations. You will also monitor the activities and supervise the work assignments of inmates.

With a bachelor's degree, other careers you can pursue include: read more

Classroom Experience

Lake Michigan College's Corrections, Probation, and Parole program prepares you for a demanding career in the judicial system. You'll often work on class projects, and case studies as part of a group. You will have the opportunity to travel to different judicial settings. On these field trips, you will be able to meet professionals and see what various work settings are like. 

The classroom activities required will allow you to practice the interpersonal and verbal skills you will need once you begin working in the corrections, probation, and parole field. Along with assigned bookwork, you will be encouraged to search beyond the classroom for resources that may be helpful in your future. read more

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