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Dentistry (Pre)
Dentistry (Pre)

Do you recognize the importance of sparkling teeth, healthy gums and a clean smile? Would you like to help educate people on how to better care for their teeth? Then maybe a career in dentistry is for you.

Today's dentists don't just clean and care for your teeth, they are educators. They present instructions on diet, brushing, flossing, use of fluorides and other features of dental care. Dentists are using new technology and treatments on their patients for improved dental hygiene.

Lake Michigan College's Pre-dentistry program allows you to complete the first two years of core classes that will lead to the advanced degrees you will need.

Career Information

As a dentist, you will diagnose, prevent and treat teeth and tissue problems by removing decay, fill cavities, examine x-rays, straighten teeth and repair fractured teeth. You will also perform corrective surgery on gums and supporting bones to treat gum disease.

Demand for dental care is growing. As baby-boomers age, a large number will need more dental work and more complicated dental procedures. With the advances in dental care, teeth retention is on the rise requiring more dental care than in the past. read more

Classroom Experience

You can prepare for a career in dentistry by completing a two-year Pre-dentistry program at Lake Michigan College and transferring credits to an accredited dental school. LMC will help you build the foundation of academic success, not only in your studies, but also in your dentistry career. read more

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