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Drafting & Design
Drafting & Design

The drafting and design program at Lake Michigan College focuses primarily on the manufacturing industry. As a drafter and designer your work may range from planning the make up of a new toy to assembling the pieces of a car door.

Your work will focus on detailing, assembly drawings, and 3-D design. During your education, you will be challenged on ideas, theories, and design make-ups.

If you are the kind of person who can look at an object and see all the small pieces that make up the whole, then take a closer look at the drafting and design program.

Career Information

Today's drafter and designer are multitaskers. Working under a tight deadline while juggling more then one project is the norm in this profession. There are no excuses for late work and, often times, no second chances for product perfection. More often than not, you will not be working directly with the customer. Instead you will work under a junior or senior engineer. This position requires you to learn the particulars of the company. Standards, styles, and software will vary among prospective employers. read more

Classroom Experience

According to Ken Flowers, Technology Chair, " Drafting and design courses prepare students for the real world of work or for the continuation of their education. " Students are taught the skills and applications they'll see when they're on the job." The Drafting program offers students an opportunity to use and apply real world concepts that are introduced in class rather than just memorizing material to pass an exam. read more

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