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Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education

Early childhood educators understand that working with young children can be a handful. There's crying, the constant mess and little hands in everything. But these educators, above all, understand the fun and excitement young children create.

How would you like to be an active part of a child's life? Whether you are teaching them colors, reading fairy tales or just being a lap to take comfort in, young children will depend on you.

Lake Michigan College offers individuals interested in working with young children an opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills to work effectively in child-care settings and prepare for the Child Development Associate (CDA) credential awarded though the Council for Early Professional Recognition. The curriculum in this program follows the state of Michigan requirements.

Career Information

A degree in Early Childhood Education will prepare you for employment in a childcare development working with children five and under. A typical day for early childhood educators can include:

  • Organizing educational activities
  • Introducing new concepts
  • Encouraging cooperative playtime
  • Serving healthy meals and snacks
  • Supervising rest time
  • Adapting to needs of individual children

In most preschool settings, childcare workers are responsible for meeting children at the door, making them feel comfortable in their surroundings and introducing them to the daily activity. read more 

Classroom Experience

Early Childhood Education classes are hands-on, group driven courses. These classes will teach you how to prepare lesson plans, develop your creative side, recognize current children's issues and social development skills. Course work will also include effective discipline styles and how to adapt to multiple on-site situations. Classes will emphasize the importance of tolerance and understanding. As a childcare provider you will be working with a diverse population. There will be varying educational and social abilities in every child. Clear communication skills will be addressed so you can confidentially talk to parents, administration, and young children. read more

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