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Education - Elementary
Education - Elementary

Teaching is like no other profession. As a teacher you are a communicator, disciplinarian, conveyor of information, evaluator, classroom manager, counselor, decision-maker, role model, and surrogate parent.

Whether it is testing math, science, social studies, and reading skills, or taking time to do an art project, teachers have an impact on children’s lives.

Think back on your favorite teacher. How did this teacher influence you? Now, think of how you could influence a new generation of students.

Career Information

As a teacher, you will be shaping the minds of young people. Teachers have an incredible task at hand. Teaching is more than reading and writing. You become a motivator, a dependable person in a child's life, and often times a friend. read more

Classroom Experience

No matter where you are in earning your degree, student-centered learning is the focus. It is important that you not only learn as much as you can, but also learn how and why these ideas should be applied within a classroom. read more

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