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Engineering (Pre)
Engineering (Pre)

Engineering is a broad-based term that describes dozens of specialized areas that work in all areas of society. They design new products, solve tough problems, and have a far reaching influence on social, economic, environmental, and political reactions that follow technological developments.

With a science-based focus, engineering graduates are one of the key elements in the development of improved technology.

America depends on the work of engineers to provide a high standard of living and maintain our competitive place in the world.

Career Information

Engineers put their scientific knowledge and design skills to practical use. There are many different fields, or disciplines engineers can enter, including:

  • Civil Engineers
  • Nuclear Engineers 
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Aerospace Engineers
  • Agricultural Engineers

Engineers can also work in mining, biomedicine, computer software, and petroleum industries. read more

Classroom Experience

According to Lake Michigan College instructor and engineering transfer program coordinator Mike Durren, "You can't learn by observation alone, attendance is taken regularly, but is not calculated into the final grade. Attendance is necessary for successful completion of the course. You must be self-motivated in these courses. "I don't assign homework problems, but I do expect students to be able to understand all the problems in the book. If students are struggling with a problem, I encourage them to ask me, and we'll work it out in class," says Mike. "Students need to be serious about their education. They need to read without being told which pages to read, they need to do problems beyond what is assigned." read more

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