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Foreign Language
Foreign Language

Bonjour! Parlez-vous francais?
Hola! Habla usted español?

Travel, international business, and the Internet continually make our world a smaller one. As we become a global society, the need to communicate becomes greater.

Whether your need for foreign language training is career driven or comes out of a personal interest, Lake Michigan College's foreign language offerings can help you reach your goals. Classroom coursework in French and Spanish is available. Self-instructional courses in Italian, Japanese, and Russian are also offered.

Career Information

Foreign language training can be applied in many career fields including education, business, government, and health care. Some jobs use multiple language skills as a primary component. Other positions use foreign language skills as a tool to conduct business or communicate with patients, customers and co-workers.

Just a few popular career fields utilizing foreign language skills include:

  • Foreign language instructors (college)
  • High school language teachers
  • Interpreters
  • Translators
  • Business read more
Classroom Experience

The Foreign Language program at Lake Michigan College offers two styles of learning. French, and Spanish are offered in a traditional classroom setting. Italian, Japanese, Polish, Mandarin Chinese, and Russian are presented in a self-instructional language program format.

The self-instructional language programs teach conversational styles of speaking outside of a classroom setting. Much of your learning will happen in the convenience of your own home. Many courses enroll only a few students. "Many find this program very helpful if they are planning a trip to another country, or if they are in the business industry," states LMC program coordinator Dr. Denise Scameheorn. read more

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