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GED Testing

For more information, call (269) 926-4294.

New Registration Information
As of January 2014, the GED program shifted entirely to a computer-based testing format. For those who are interested in GED registration and testing, visit

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to prove I’m a resident of Michigan to take the test?
No, there is no residency requirement to take the test in Michigan. This means you don’t have to prove you live in the state to take the GED® test there.

How much does the GED® test cost?
It is $37.50 per module for the GED® test.

Can I take all of the parts at once or do I need to setup different appointment times?
Yes, you can take all test parts in the same day if you can find a testing center with hours that accommodate it.

What score do I need to pass the test?
Test-takers need to score a 150 on each subject area test and 600 on the entire test battery (all four parts combined).  

  • Below Passing: 100-149
  • GED® Passing Score: 150-169
  • GED® Honors Score: 170-200

How much does it cost to retake the test? Can I retake the test for free?
GED Testing Service offers a discounted re-take program. According to the policy, GED Testing Service will waive their fees for two free retakes (per module).

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