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Did you know that traveling bushmen in Australia carry water in ostrich eggs because of the scarcity of water in their environment?

In other places we find shade or turn on the air conditioning to adapt to warm weather.

People change things to adapt to the environment, but who studies these environments and trends? Geographers.

Geography is the study of the description, distribution and interaction of the diverse physical, biological and cultural features of the Earth's surface. Geography also studies how people, products and information moves.

If this kind of study intrigues you, then take a closer look at the Geography program at Lake Michigan College.

Career Information

Completing your degree in geography can lead to a career in:

  • Elementary or secondary education
  • Tourism and travel
  • Regional and urban planning
  • Cartography

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, careers related to geography are expected to have favorable job growth by 2020, because of the increasing demand for quick, accurate, and comprehensive geographical information. Urban and regional planners are expected to have a 16 percent national job growth, geographers are predicted a 22 percent job growth, and cartographers and photogrammetrists expect a 22 percent national increase in jobs. read more

Classroom Experience

You can prepare for a career in geography by completing a two-year Associate in Arts degree program at Lake Michigan College and then transferring credits to a four-year university. The Geography program incorporates lecture and lab time in science-based courses. Lecture time will prepare you for exams, papers and lab time. Labs are hands-on, collaborative experiences that require problem solving skills and teamwork. The Geography program has a rigorous schedule and carries with it a heavy academic load. LMC instructors will expect you to be committed to your studies. Since many of these classes are introductory or general overviews, it is vital to your academic success to attend and actively participate in every class. read more

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