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If you watch the news about the topics of the day like rebuilding after a hurricane, the likelihood of an earthquake, and even oil exploration, chances are a geoscientist will be one of the experts adding insight.

Geologists study the make up of the Earth, from it's rocks and soil composition to the movement and quality of underground water. But you may be wondering where jobs in geology can be found.

Geologists are employed in a wide range of fields including the petroleum and mining industries, state and federal governments, environmental consulting, as well as colleges and universities.

This science-based field relates to many facets of everyday life from the fuels used in transportation to the metals used in manufacturing, to the safety of people throughout the world that live in areas prone to earthquakes, landslides, tsunami, or volcanic eruption.

Career Information

Geologists, and many other types of geoscientists, work in local, state, and Federal government agencies, engineering firms, mining, gas and oil, highway, and gravel companies. From sitting on the planning board of a city commission to working for the Environmental Protection Agency, geologists survey, research, diagnose, and evaluate the physical surroundings. Depending on which geological field your interests take you, varying office and field hours may be required. Whether you prefer to research numerical data or be out in the field conducting physical research, the goal is the same - discover and explore the physical Earth. read more

Classroom Experience

You can prepare for a career in geology by completing a two-year Associate in Science degree program at Lake Michigan College and transferring credits to a four-year university. The Geology program incorporates lecture and lab time in science-based courses. "My goal for the geology program is to have students see how the world works, and in turn, have a greater appreciation of the Earth," says LMC program coordinator and instructor Dr. Cole Lovett. "Students will see the effects of our actions on the Earth, and hopefully leave the course with the mindset to safe-guard our world." read more

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