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Graphic Design
Graphic Design

Billboards, television, magazines, web sites, video games, food packages - everyday, we see the work of graphic designers. Designers deliver messages for their clients in a language that their intended audience can understand. This is most often a visual language with emotional content driven by an artistic mind. Technology is the tool that the designer uses to execute the message. As we continue to experience greater and greater density in our lives, the need for talented and well-trained graphic designers will become more significant.

For more information on the Graphic Design program, please contact Brandon Pierce at (269) 927-5198.

Career Information

Being part of a creative team, turning ideas into messages, and finding new ways to communicate with people while employing the fundamentals of visual arts are at the heart of careers in graphic design. Because almost every company and organization invests in marketing to sell its products, to raise money, or to promote its cause, graphic designers can put their skills to use fields ranging from education to the recording industry. read more

Classroom Experience

The first two years of your design education are the most important. It is the foundation on which you'll build your career. Professional standards are developed in this time and you will cultivate your passion for the profession. read more

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