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Hospitality Management
Hospitality Management

Have you ever thought about managing the restaurant activities at a resort? How about planning parties for customers at a winery? Maybe you see yourself working in a five-star hotel. If these catch your interest, then you should look into a career in Hospitality Management.

Hospitality professionals are the front line of one of this nation’s largest industries. Locally, the impact is just as impressive. There are more than 1,000 hospitality-related businesses right here in southwest Michigan. Our beaches, wineries, casinos, festivals, and fine dining make this region a popular destination for tourists. This popularity creates a demand for well-trained workers looking for a career in this exciting industry.

By starting your education with Lake Michigan College, the doors to career opportunities begin to open. The Hospitality Management program covers a broad range of career opportunities that are possible to obtain with an associate's degree. This two-year program offers courses that will let you experience on-site work atmospheres.

If you aspire to carry on your education, the Hospitality and Tourism Management program prepares you to move on to a four-year school and earn your bachelor's degree. Both programs are filled with exciting hands-on projects.

Culinary Courses offered at LMC
If you are interested in taking Culinary courses, contact an Academic Advisor at (269) 927-8128 for more information and course details.

Career Information

According to the American Hotel and Lodging Association, in the United States, tourism is currently the third largest retail industry, behind automotive and food stores. Travel and tourism industries are one of America's largest employers.

With an education in hospitality management, you have a wide variety of potential careers from which to choose in the hotel, restaurant, resort, and tourism industries. Some careers include:

  • Hotel front desk manager 
  • Event planner.. read more


Classroom Experience

Lake Michigan College's Hospitality program gives you a reality-based experience. You'll often work on class projects as part of a group. You will have the opportunity to meet professionals who work in local restaurants, hotels, and tourism-based businesses. read more

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