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Many students entering their first year of college are uncertain of which field they would like to concentrate their studies. If you fall into this category, take a look at the Humanities program at Lake Michigan College.

LMC's Humanities program covers courses in film, literature, philosophy, and history. This program is designed to give you an awareness of the American culture and the cultures of other countries.

With Humanities program courses being transferable to most four-year colleges and universities, this is a good program to begin your educational career.

Career Information

A two-year degree emphasizing Humanities will not lead you directly into a professional career. Instead, Humanities will allow you "to explore different educational possibilities," says Lake Michigan College program coordinator and instructor Dr. K. Sundaram. "We want to help students become well-rounded citizens who have a better awareness of other cultures."
"It is important for students to remember that a two-year degree in Humanities is designed to be a supplement to further education, not the main focus." read more

Classroom Experience

With Humanities being the foundation of many programs, your classroom and course work opportunities are plentiful. Many of the Humanities courses are set up traditionally to include lectures, exams, and papers. A few courses will occasionally incorporate field trips to help.. read more

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