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Law (Pre)
Law (Pre)

Law provides the framework within which a society can succeed. It creates order that governs the actions of individuals and organizations, defines the rights of people, and helps settle disputes between parties. The absence of a legal system allows terrible injustices to be placed upon vulnerable members of society.

Professionals in the legal field have a responsibility to keep the law relevant to the needs of a changing society. As a student studying law you will be challenged to think about and respond to questions which are essential to our future.

Career Information

According to Lake Michigan College pre-law program coordinator Dr. Gary Roberts, the benefit of studying pre-law is that "it will enhance the student's economic, political, and social background, the student's speaking and writing abilities, and it will enhance the student's analytical skills."

Pre-law study is a good foundation for multiple career paths, including:

  • Paralegal
  • Legal assistant
  • Civil service.. 
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Classroom Experience

"Students should be prepared to work, study hard, and appreciate challenges," says Lake Michigan College pre-law transfer program coordinator Dr. Gary Roberts. "I expect my students to learn how to use their analytical skills. The development of good analytical skills is absolutely key to law school." read more

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