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Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement

The decision to become a law enforcement officer or agent is the decision to embark on a career, a new and exciting way of life committed to serving, where no two days are exactly alike.

While violent crimes in the United States are gradually decreasing, there is still a need for highly qualified law enforcement officers.

With Methamphetamine labs, identity theft, child abduction, and sexual assault constantly in the news, law enforcement officials are expected to have high moral standards and are dedicated to protecting their community.

Career Information

A degree in Law Enforcement may lead to many different career opportunities.

Uniformed police officers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, make up about 65 percent of state and local law enforcement officers. They work in various sized police departments, rural areas, colleges, and communities where they perform general law enforcement duties. They may perform first aid, respond to emergency calls, direct traffic, or investigate a crime scene. read more

Classroom Experience

The Law Enforcement program is a 1+1 program with Kalamazoo Valley Community College. This program is designed for the first year of coursework to be completed at Lake Michigan College and finish the program's requirements with KVCC. "Success in this field will come from developing communication skills, working well in a team situation, having confidence in your abilities, and being driven by your own goals," says Lake Michigan College instructor and program coordinator Robert Lane. read more

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