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Liberal Arts
Liberal Arts

To some, choosing a college program is a challenge. Do I want to focus on science? What about the arts? For all of you that are undecided, you are not alone. Lake Michigan College wants to help you find the program that works the best for you.

A Liberal Arts degree will give you an introduction to programs of literature, arts, sciences, law, languages, and philosophy. This program is designed to give you a broad base of education.

If continued education is in your future, but you don't know where to start, take a closer look at the Liberal Arts program.

Career Information

A two-year degree focused on Liberal Arts will not lead you directly into a professional career. Instead, Liberal Arts will allow you "to explore different educational possibilities," says Lake Michigan College program coordinator and instructor Dr. K. Sundaram. "We want to help students become well-rounded citizens who have a better awareness of other cultures. It is important for students to remember that a two-year Liberal Arts degree is designed to be a supplement to further education, not the main focus." read more

Classroom Experience

The Liberal Arts curriculum transfers to the general programs of literature, arts, sciences, law, languages, and philosophy at most four-year colleges, universities and to many pre-professional programs.

Liberal Arts provide a broad-based education to prepare students for most careers. At Lake Michigan College, students may complete courses that transfer and satisfy the freshman and sophomore requirements at most four-year institutions. read more

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