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Medical Office Systems
Medical Office Systems

The medical field is rapidly changing. Advances are helping people live longer and better lives. Baby boomers are entering their retirement years and looking for good medical care to help them enjoy their new-found free time. New laws surround the disclosure of patient information. It takes knowledge, training, and initiative to work in today's dynamic health care setting as a medical office assistant.

Medical office assistants handle the day-to-day systems that make doctors' offices, hospitals, and nursing homes run smoothly. In this critical role in the health care team, you can be doing everything from assisting patients with appointment scheduling and paperwork to filing insurance claims and maintaining sensitive records.

Career Information

No matter how old or how young, good health care is important to everyone. As a medical office assistant, your role will be to communicate information, maintain medical records, and assist patients in moving through the administrative aspects of their treatment. You will work directly with patients or their caretakers to schedule appointments, arrange for hospital admission, and gather information needed for medical records and insurance claims. You will also receive and route messages and important documents, such as laboratory test results, to the appropriate individuals in the office. read more

Classroom Experience

"Medical Office Systems students at LMC are trained using the latest technology and tools," states LMC Medical Office Systems instructor and advisor Lisa Augustiniak. "They also have the advantage of working with instructors who are knowledgeable in what goes on in real world office settings."

Because today's medical office environment is so heavily dependent on technology, you will become familiar with software programs as well as other high tech tools. Coursework will include instruction in Microsoft XP, Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. read more

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