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Mortuary Science (Pre)
Mortuary Science (Pre)

Benjamin Franklin once said, "...nothing in this world is certain but death and taxes." While taxes may hurt your wallet, death is a hurt on your heart. Caring, supportive individuals are needed to help in the sorrowful time of death.

Whether your aim is to help the family in the role of the funeral director, or work as a pathologist, the Mortuary Science program at Lake Michigan College is the first step in your career.

Career Information

A degree in Mortuary Science can lead you in different professional directions. Some of the careers you can explore include:

  • Funeral director
  • Anatomic pathologists' assistant

Funeral directors are responsible for preparing the remains, organizing obituary notices and coordinating the details of the service to the family's specifications. They also arrange the final resting place of the remains. Funeral directors must also be a comfort to the survivors.

Anatomic pathologists' assistants assist a medical doctor in examining tissue and interpreting laboratory results. read more

Classroom Experience

You can prepare for a career in mortuary science by completing a two-year Pre-Mortuary Science program at Lake Michigan College and transferring credits to a four-year university. The Mortuary Science program incorporates lecture and lab time in science-based courses. Lecture time will prepare you for exams, papers and lab time. Labs are hands-on, collaborative experiences that require problem solving skills.. read more 

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