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When you think of music careers, of what do you usually think? Probably vocalists and musicians first come to mind but there is so much more behind the scenes. Producers, composers, and even teachers and music therapists are all important members of the music industry. Music Department Handbook

If you want to make music your lifestyle, Lake Michigan College is a great place to start.

LMC's program provides core classes and performance opportunities that will put you on track to a four-year school and a career that will let you follow your passion. 

For more information on the Music program at Lake Michigan College, review the Student Music Handbook.

Career Information

Music is a broad industry with many different career choices. Each profession focuses on different aspects of the music field, but in each career there is an overall common factor, a love of music. A few of the options are:

  • Music Education
  • Instrumental Performance
  • Vocal Performance
  • Conducting
  • Composing
  • Music for Worship
  • Music Business
  • Instrument Making and Repair
  • Music Publishing
  • Music Communications read more
Classroom Experience

Lake Michigan College's Music program gives you a strong foundation in the music field. It is both academically and musically challenging and will give you several opportunities each semester to demonstrate your talent. Courses will give you background in music education, vocal performance, composing, the recording industry, and music therapy. These courses prepare you with the necessary information to go onto any music program at a four-year school read more


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