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Optometry (Pre)
Optometry (Pre)

With more than half of the United States population wearing glasses or contacts, there is a demand for optometrists to diagnose vision problems.

A career in optometry will have you working with a wide variety of individuals. From the very young to the young at heart, all eyes need attention.

The Pre-Optometry transfer program at Lake Michigan College allows you to explore the first steps in preparing for a challenging career that can bring life's images into focus and prevent the onset of vision disease.

Career Information

The demand for optometrists is growing. With an aging population, many are recognizing the importance of vision retention. Optometrists are responsible for everything from diagnosing glaucoma to prescribing eyeglasses and contacts.

A typical day for an optometrist can include:

  • diagnosing vision problems and eye disease
  • testing visual accuracy
  • providing vision therapy
  • providing operative care to cataract patients
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Classroom Experience

You can prepare for a career in optometry by completing a two-year Pre-Optometry program at Lake Michigan College and transferring credits to a four-year accredited university. The Pre-Optometry program incorporates lecture and lab time in science-based courses. read more

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