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Phlebotomy Technician Training

Phlebotomy technicians are an integral part of the laboratory team.  Phlebotomists are employed in medical offices, hospitals, nursing homes and blood donation facilities.  This short term program will train students on the proper collection and processing techniques for blood samples.  Students will master venous and capillary blood collection techniques and proper universal precautions.  Students will become familiar with medical terminology and anatomy and physiology as they relate to the profession.  Training involves hands-on practice to become proficient in the skills and techniques desired to be successful in the profession.

The program will consist of 96 hours in the classroom/lab/online and an internship of 16 hours for 30 sticks required to sit for the national certification. Cost includes book, instructional materials and name badge. Students must provide their own royal blue scrub top and white closed toe and back shoes- no mesh. Fee for access code for online modules not included.  Students will need to have Internet access outside of the classroom.  On-time, daily attendance is mandatory for the entire program.

In order to be eligible to register for this class, students must complete the following prerequisites:

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