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Many of you have heard of Einstein’s discovery between energy and mass, expressed in the equation E=mc^2, but there is much more to physics than this one famous finding.

Physics is a mathematical explanation of natural phenomena found everywhere in life. Force, momentum, sound, thermodynamics, power, energy, light, and more utilize physics concepts.

If you are curious to discover the mathematics and logistics behind the physical world, then take a closer look at the Lake Michigan College physics program.

Career Information

Many career opportunities are available with an undergraduate physics degree:

  • Meteorology
  • Computer programming
  • Technician
  • Education (elementary and secondary)

If you decide to pursue your education to the master's level, you will become eligible for employment in the following positions:

  • Supervising technician
  • Teaching (community college level)
  • Trouble shooter for instrument companies

With a Ph.D. even more employment opportunities arise. read more


Classroom Experience

New technology was added to the physics labs in 2004. Interface equipment, in combination with computer programs, allows students to see, test, and plot data on the following elements:

  • Motion
  • Light
  • Sounds
  • Temperature
  • Electric charge
    read more
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