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Political Science
Political Science

Nuclear arms, immigration, international trades, public policy and law, and shifts in governmental structures across the globe are daily topics on the news.

Understanding how groups of people rule themselves, how political agendas are developed, and how we can improve our government policies at the local, state, national, and international level allows you to think about and develop your own views and opinions on political, economic, and social issues.

The skills and understanding learned through political science are the basis for many careers in government, public policy development, and the law. It is also basic knowledge that can help every person become well informed citizens who can actively participate in society.

Career Information

According to Lake Michigan College political science instructor and program coordinator Dr. Gary Roberts, "a degree in political science develops a student into a well-rounded, civically responsible citizen of the United States."

A degree in political science opens many career paths including:

  • Teaching (elementary, secondary, or collegiate level)
  • Political scientist
  • Government employment
  • Elected office
  • Congressional aide
  • Activities specialist read more
Classroom Experience

"Students should be prepared to work, study hard, and appreciate challenges," says Lake Michigan College political science instructor and program coordinator Dr. Gary Roberts. "I expect my students to learn how to use their analytical skills. Political science is not just about learning names and dates; students should also learn to question what goes on around them."

Coursework is set up to encourage critical thinking. How well you perform on weekly one-page critiques of current event issues, a midterm, an argumentative paper, quizzes, the final exam, and class participation determines your final grade. read more

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