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Veterinary Medicine (Pre)
Veterinary Medicine (Pre)

According to a recent survey, 63% of U.S. households have a pet and those households will spend an estimated $8.7 billion dollars on veterinary care for their cats, dogs, birds, and other animal companions.*

With so many animals considered to be part of the family, the services of veterinarians are becoming increasingly important. And, whether the focus is on large or small animals, employment demands are on the rise.

The Pre-Veterinary Medicine transfer program prepares you with the educational foundation you'll need as you prepare for the challenges of veterinary medical school.

*Source: American Pet Products Manufacturers Association

Career Information

It takes time to become successful in any line of work, especially when it involves medical knowledge. Veterinarians are medical professionals whose first responsibility is protecting the health and welfare of animals.

Veterinarians treat animals for multiple ailments. From alleviating allergies and fleas to repairing broken bones and performing life-saving surgery, they provide medical services for pets and farm animals.

Veterinarians find employment in government agencies, laboratories, and colleges. read more

Classroom Experience

"When you apply to a school of veterinary medicine, the admissions board looks at every grade," says Lake Michigan College instructor Dr. Susan Lentz. "So no matter if you're taking chemistry and physics or a humanities course, every grade counts." read more

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