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Water Purification Technology
Water Purification Technology

Bottle verses tap. It all started with Perrier. Somehow this French company convinced people that bottled water was cool to buy. Now, Evian, Aquafina, Propel, and Dasani are household names.

But, is bottled water safer or healthier to drink? The answer is no. Test after test has shown no evidence of bottled water being better for you than tap water. This is all in thanks to the water purification industry.

Beyond the bottle versus tap water debate, everyday millions of people turn on their faucets and never think a thing of the water that streams out.

Career Information

With training in water purification technology, you will be qualified to pursue jobs such as:

  • Plant operator
  • Laboratory technician
  • Water or wastewater treatment manager

In most water or wastewater treatment plants, assisting in the process that removes or destroys dangerous materials, chemicals, and microorganisms from the water we drink and use is a daily occurrence. As these plants incorporate more sophisticated technology, computers will aid in monitoring equipment, testing samples, and analysis. read more

Classroom Experience

Lake Michigan College offers the first year of a two-year Associate in Applied Science degree in Wastewater Purification Technology in cooperation with Bay de Noc Community College, in Escanaba, Michigan.

You will enroll simultaneously at LMC and Bay de Noc Community College, take the first year of courses at LMC, then transfer to Bay de Noc for the final year, completing the program with a two-month period of on-the-job training in the hometown area. Your first two semesters at LMC will focus on completing degree requirements. Such courses include math and political science. read more

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