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Let's Say "Thank You"

As people around the world shelter at home, workers in healthcare and other industries are on the front lines risking their safety to provide essential services for us and our loved ones. Many of these folks are LMC students and alumni, and we couldn't be more proud.  

Please take a moment to write a note of thanks and encouragement to our heroes in emergency services, healthcare, law enforcement, child and elder care, retail and foodservice, and anyone else out there making it possible to get through this together. 

Thanks from your Lake Michigan College community. 

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Messages and Supporters 

thank you for all you do! i'm wishing you the best, you guys got this :)

Jordan Nyland

Thank you all of you at the hospital are in my prayers.

Judi and Jim Shank

Thank you, and God’s Blessings ❤️

Maria Patton

Thank you so much for all that you do!! I promise it doesn't go unnoticed <3


I appreciate your hard and tireless work! You are truly heroes! Thank you so much!

Anthony Myrthil

Thank you all

Tamara lewis

Ben B.

Thank YOU! I pray for you every hour. I pray for your family.

Ruth Mwashinga

Healthcare Heroes! GOD bless! Stay safe and healthy!

Nilda Rivera

Your gifts have made room for you and we sincerely thank you for risking your lives to save humanity. Please be safe and May God continue to protect you all!

-With love and admiration

Samantha Leonfils

Thank you Anita for your compassion and hard work during this crisis . God knows the hours you’ve worked and the people you have helped along the way. God bless.

Anita Baggianni

Thank you for all your hard work and compassion in this trying time in our country. I know you are working on the Covid floor and working long hours. Thank you for all your work. God bless.

Christen Rene Whitman

Christen Whitman, you are amazing! Thank you for what you do to help all the sick people. You are loved and appreciated! Keep up the good work.


Thank you for your love and concern for our community. We appreciate all your hard work and helping the sick in this pandemic . You are a sweet and compassionate person. God bless you.

Melody joy Keller

Thanks so much for selflessly serving our community! Christen Whitman, Melody Keller, Anita Baggiani and Megan Jewell- we love you and call you our heroes!

Jason and Jackie Whitman

Nick Morales

Thank you and praying for your health and safety.

Esther Strunk Diez

Thank you for all you do! Your sacrifice and dedication is a blessing to all those you impact.

Thank you!!

Tami le Roux

I am so proud of my writing students who have become health-care professionals. If there is anything they need, please contact me.

Janice Zerfas

Mikayla Romeo

As we all continue through these difficult times, I am so thankful for all of our healthcare workers, those who make sure that we have food to eat, and to our first responders. You are all heroes for risking your health and safety on our behalf every day. We pray that you and your families will stay safe and healthy during this crisis. We also pray that everyone helps to protect you by following the stay at home order, physical distancing, wearing facemasks when out in public, and just using common sense.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to all of you. Stay safe!

Greg and Margaret

Thank you to my daughter (Kelly) who is a nurse at Lakeland and my niece (Julie) who is a nurse at Lakeland also. I am so proud and thankful for all you and your fellow nurses do daily. You are my heroes.

Lisa Laughlin

Thank you for doing some of the most difficult work there is. You see people at their worst moments and try to make things better and try to keep going when you can't. You see people in the first breath of life and the last. You comfort and care for people you do not even know and do that every day.

Thank You The world is a better place because of you.

Dodge Heer

Thanks to all of you for being such giving people.

Mary Pielemeieir

As a senior citizen, I so appreciate all you do, and I pray for your safety and well being. Hang in there. The work you are doing is saving the city, county, state and country. Thank you.

Jan Pielemeier B

Great job! Thanks so much.

Darcy and Ron Baskin

Thank you for all that you guys have done for us helping people and all I appreciate all the work you have done very much!!


You are all true heroes for risking your lives for the rest of the community. Thank you is such a small way of telling you how much we truly appreciate each and every one of you. Be safe.

Jacqueline Schmidt

Thank you so much for all your effort and determination to go against the corona virus pandemic.

Lucy Yang

Thanks for doing what you are doing to make our world a better place.


Keep on doing what you need to do and God will bless you

Patricia Dickinson

Want to thank all my co-workers at Pine Ridge we are all going to get through this together, stay safe .

Wanda Willet

Thank you to all healthcare heros!

Amanda Dolhay


Thanks for doing so much and putting your personal safety on the line.

Marvin Budd

Thanks for your help ??

Vern Ford

Thank you for your dedication to the patients that pass through the emergency department, coming to you for help. Your dedication to your family that waits for you to come home. And, the love you show to everyone.


God bless you!

Debbie Gillespie

In your bravery and compassion, you are angels here on earth. We love you and thank you! God bless you and keep you safe.

Sylvia Verdonk

Thank you so much to all the first responders out there! You are all angels! May God be with you as you work so tirelessly to give all you have! Love you!

Wendy Arndt

Thank you for all you do, you are brave and you are appreciated

Jordan Hogans

Thanks for helping us through these strange days! Stay safe.

Craig and Gina Steinke

Thank you for your sacrifices and your tireless effort to help save lives and work to stop the spread of this virus.


Madeline Dale

Thank you so very much for risking your lives for all of us!

Terra Rasmussen Lenox

Risking your own life to save another. The most noble action there is. You are the world's heros!

Cynthia Horner

Thank you!!! You are definitely the heroes. I am very grateful for your courage and selflessness and all that you do to keep us healthy. You all are literally lifesavers. I pray for continued health and safety for each and every one of you! God bless you all!


Cindy Gilmore

For all of you on the front lines, a big virtual hug. Until we are allowed a real one.

R W Mckenzie

Thank You all!

Pam Weir

Thanks for laying your life on the line for all us.

Linda Pliml

Thanks for all you do. We really appreciate the care given at every step.

Bal Barot

Thank you for caring for us!

Mark Sumney

Thank you for all your hard work and sacrifice. Stay safe!


Thank you for all your hard work and diligence. Your contributions have made all the difference in this time of crisis. Please know you will always be heroes in my heart. Thank you!

Sally Heymann

My heartfelt thanks for all you‘ve done and continue to do. Because of you, our lives are more secure!! The things you are dealing with shouldn’t have to be handled by anyone. Thank you again and Stay Safe!!


Thank you to you who drive long hours, restaurants, fast food, grocers and suppliers of vital goods that keep us all going and those bringing essential services including medical, emergency staffs, doctors , nurses, teachers, administrators, managers to maintenance to gas station owners: you all are the heartbeat of our nation... You bless us all so very much! Praying for blessings and safety for you. Thank you!

Donna Newman- Lake Michigan College

Thank you all!

If not for you, we would not be able to continue to stay safe from Covid-19. I am so amazed at your courage, compassion, and love for others and this country.

From the farmers to the truckers, the stockers in the grocery stores, the cashiers, healthcare workers to house keeping, THANK YOU! I am sorry if I missed anyone but you know who you are. God Bless all of you!

We will get through this crisis and come back stronger and wiser than before!


A special heartfelt thank you for being the dedicated and talented people you are. Please know -You truly make a difference in ALL of our lives - one person at a time.

Nancy Mattner

Thank you for all you do

Rhonda nestor

Thanks for all you do?

Michelle Agay

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to your professions! God Bless you all and Keep you safe!

Linda Cramer

Thank you, and God Bless

Mildred Cook

Thanks for all you do


YOU are making a difference. Thank you.

Carmela Morales

Thank you for all you are doing simply because you care about helping others. We appreciate you commitment and sacrifice! Be healthy and safe.


Words can not convey the amount of appreciation I have for the extremely hard and dangerous work you do EVERYDAY. Bless each one of you.

Donna H

Thank you for all you are doing during this COVID-19 Pandemic. You are appreciated and thank you for your continued service!

Robert Elliott-Schafnitz

Thank you for your courageous work. You're saving lives while risking your own. Know you're appreciated by all of us!

Sue B.

Thank you to all of the heroes working on the front lines. From the nurses, doctors, medical staff, first responders, as well as those who ensure we have food to eat. May God cover you with His shield of protection, grant you safety and keep you strong and healthy.

Sheryl P

Thank you for your dedication and perseverance.

Olivia Angelkovski

Thank you for being the hands of care, the heart of compassion, and hope for our spirit through this health crisis.

Laura Robinson

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your commitment to our community and your self sacrifing spirit. You are all truly heros nd I am bless and honored to work with you all.

Ginger Sadberry

Thank you for all your hard emotional work. Thank you for making a difference in our community!

Leanne Adams

Thanks for everything you’re doing, we all appreciate you!

Aaron Schlipp

Our family is so thankful for your dedication to keeping us healthy and safe. We pray for your health and strength, and for the peace and comfort of your families as they do the same.

The Hatter Family

Greatly appreciate your dedication..

Jeremy Pullins

Thank You so much for doing what you do to care for all of us at this time of need. you are truly heroes.


Thank you all for your courage, dedication and commitment! You truly are heroes! Praying for you every day, be safe and well!

Amber Glendening

To all our heroes on the frontline of healthcare delivery - THANK YOU!!! If all of us could summon a tenth of what you do every day we could beat this thing. As is, the very least we can do is stay home and distance and you inspire us to do just that.

Pat Freeberg & George Howell

I am praying the BLOOD OF JESUS and THE 91ST PSALM over all the heroes in emergency services, healthcare, law enforcement, child and elder care, retail and foodservice, and anyone else out there making it possible to get through this together. God is going to turn this hideous thing AROUND!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WHAT YOU ARE DOING!! Love, Prayers, & Hugs, Ruth

Rutth Morrison

Thank you for all you are doing for our community and county during this pandemic (and everyday)


Y'all deserve raises.

Justin J

You are the true heroes of this crisis. Thank you and your families for stepping forward.

Sheila Schroeder

Thank you to all you special outstanding wonderful Heroes that is putting your hearts and lives out here you help us all in this terrible time. I ? for each and everyone of you again thank you God Bless????Happy Easter to all.❤❤❤❤


Spectrum-Lakeland Rocks as does the rest of the medical community!

Jonathan B. Sauer

Thanks to all workers I am one myself and Hang in there


For safety to you & yours as well as our; daughters, PA & RN, nephew hospice RN, niece geriatric RN, & son-in-law anesthesiologist.

Chris & Mary Cassel

Thank you to all of our first responders and essential personnel. Without you, this world wouldn’t turn. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


I want to say thanks to all those heroes out there that are facing this pandemic bravely and doing their best to help everyone.

I especially want to thank my wife Erin and her team of home healthcare nurses that have to go into people's homes each day to treat wounds and other ailments these people have.

While many get to stay home these brave people are out there every day helping people not knowing who might have this virus or not.

God Bless you ALL and my most humble of thank you's to every health care worker and first responder out there.

Mike Adorjan

You are the greatest heroes in our world today. Thank you for being you and helping us.


Thank you for your courage, hard work and self-sacrifice!

Beth Lehner

Thank You and God Bless all healthcare workers that are there in the front lines risking their lives to care for others. Hero Angels you all are. Stay Well. To my granddaughter in law Emily Ingels and Anna Sarno & all the fellow nurses may God bless and protect all of you.

Donna Rentas

Thank you for your tireless and sometimes thankless commitment to the health and safety of our communities and families! From my family to you and yours!

Jessica Medina

Thank you and GOD bless you for all that you do.

Pam P

There are not enough words to say how we appreciate all that you are doing. I wish there was a way that we could all help you on the front line.

Merry Froelich

Thank-you for chosing to care and serve others. You are appreciated daily for you service. I pray for you and your loved ones always. God bless you..and I thank you. ❤?❤

Sandy W.

Kristen Robinson

Thank you for your dedication and relentless sacrifices. Please remain safe and healthy.

Deb S

Thanks to all the helpers. Your contributions are much appreciated.


We are at war, but we feel at ease because you are on the front line! God bless you, our heroes, and keep you safe as we fight this battle. You are not alone! Be assured that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones each and every day.

To all of you that have to leave home every day to keep us safe and provide essential services, me and my family say: THANK YOU. NO WORDS CAN EXPRESS OUR WHOLEHEARTED GRATITUDE!!!

Carmen & Samuel

As a retired nurse, I want to thank all of you in all aspects of service that are on the front lines helping all of us through this pandemic. God Bless you---you are appreciated!!

Cheryl Ryno

We are indebted to your tireless compassion and commitment to our communities.  Thank you!

Sara VanderVeen

Thank you for all that you will never be forgotten.

Lynda Svoboda

Keysa Martain

I cannot express how grateful I am to those who continue to sacrifice of themselves for the greater good! You are the truest heroes!

Jeremy Schaeffer

God Bless you and keep you safe! I appreciate all that you are doing for the rest of us!

K. Wells

Just want to say thank you to my amazing Cardiac team and all of the Lakeland team! Without you amazing nurses our patients would suffer!!! Keep rocking on. Love you all ?


Thank You All For Your Dedication And Care!!!! A Special Thank You To Heather Fisher!!!!

Billie Longenecker

Jessica Morales

Karla Pepple

You are true heroes. Thank you so much for your dedication to our community and to those dealing with COVID19. May God Bless you and keep you safe

Ken and Linda Weber

Thank You service members for all that you do for the community to make sure we remain safe & healthy. May the Lord continue to bless you to do your job on the front lines.

Tiffani A. Young

With deep gratitude for your dedication and sacrifice

Mike Nadolski

God bless all of you!

Rich and Norma Carpenter

Aida Navarro

Thank you for your hard work & dedication! You are appreciated!


Thank you for doing the hard work! It's the most important.

Melinda Stockwell

God Bless all the dedicated health care professionals. Thank you! Take care and be well.

Karen Broadwater

Thank you so much for courageously and tirelessly working on behalf of our community. God bless each and every one of you with refreshment, clarity, stamina and peace!

Gloria Brushwyler

How will we ever thank you? Your courage and commitment to keep us alive is pure selfishness. Thank you, thank you a million times over. What can we do for you? Yes, we are staying home!!

June Bowman

Thank you so much for your service, we couldn't get through this without you!

Cindy Tobias

It is incredible what you all are doing everyday. We thank you! You are brave putting yourselves at risk for the sick community. We pray you have the supplies you need and the energy and strength this virus is taking from our health system. Stay Strong!

Heather Nichols

Thank you for your courage and dedication, and hard work!

Ingrid D.

Thank you all for your sacrifice and dedication to our communities.

Garth Swaney

Let’s give a huge thank you to all of us healthcare workers who risk our lives daily to help change the lives and make a difference for other people. Putting our family and children at risk daily is a huge task but a great reward may we all stay happy and healthy.

Ashley Lauderdale

Thanks to all of us healthcare workers, who wake up and make a difference in others life’s daily, putting our family and children at risk as well as our selves. May we all be happy and healthy!!!

Ashley Lauderdale

Thank you for all of your hard-work and dedication!

Aidan Topher

Thank you to all those working the front lines so the rest of us can stay home, stay healthy, and flatten the curve.

Leslie Kellogg

Thank you for sacrificing for our community and country! We truly appreciate what you are all doing for us. Keep up the great work!

Nathan Kramb

Thank you for everything!

Emily Heenan

Thank You for keeping us protected! We are in debt, and supporting you! Praying for each, and everyone of you!

Thank You!!!

Coach Tj

LaCross Baginske

Thanks for all you do... you’re going beyond the call of duty, so please know that we are all very grateful.

Dan Robinson

Thank you all as you dedicate your skills, as your TLC abounds, and as you spend hours of your lives away from your families to support the patients who are in your care. You are angels.

Steve and Pam Silcox

Thank you for risking your health and safety so that we may survive. Your sacrifice will not go unnoticed.

Anna Robinson

Continued health to you during these uncertain days. We appreciate your service to our community!

Michael and Lisa Johnson

To my sister who is a CNA and to my stepfather who is a doctor, god bless them and protect them during these troubling times. Thank you to all the healthcare workers around the world and in the state of Michigan for giving their 110% through the pandemic.

Juliet L.

Thank you!


Thank you for your care, compassion and dedication! You are appreciated.

Kristi Lafrenz


We owe our lives to you. Thank you for your dedication and compassion. Please take care of yourselves as best you can.

The Craig Family

Thank you so much for taking such good care of the residents of Berrien County. We appreciate you!

Pam McVay

My utmost respect and gratitude to those of you risking your lives to keep the rest of us running and to care for those in need. You are true heroes! God bless you all.

Kris Zook

To all the dedicated health care professional and all who keep our hospitals open, thank you for staying in there for the rest of us. Take care and be well.

Trevor Kubatzke, President Lake Michigan College

There are really no words that can express how grateful I am for your compassion, determination and sacrifices during this time. Just know that you are all appreciated and your work does not go unnoticed. Thank you for all you do and who you are!!


Thank you for your bravery and selflessness!

Meredith Blake

Thank you for your hard work and sacrifice

Tre’shawn Murray

Your dedication to our community during this crisis is nothing short of amazing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what all healthcare workers do every day. I won’t forget❤️

Rosanne Burden

Thank you for risking your own health to help others, it’s greatly appreciated!


We all want to thank you for being there for us in this time of crisis. For stepping up to the plate for all. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you are doing! Sending all our love. Stay well friends! <3

LMC Bookstore

Thanks for giving your time, patience and care to those of us in need thanks. Good bless

Jessica Hooper

Thank you. Thank you for everything you are all doing to keep us safe and healthy. Whether you are a doctor, nurse, administrative person, nurse's aid, janitor, police officer, social worker, grocery store worker, you all have our immense gratitude. I know we all wish we could do more to help, but since all we can do is stay home and say thank you, THANK YOU.

Your hard work and personal sacrifices are not unnoticed and our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.


You’re hard work and sacrifice are greatly appreciated! The strength of our community is represented by your courage and resilience in this time of great uncertainty! Thoughts and prayers from all of us, to you! Thank you for your service.

Knut Lovhoiden

Thank you so much for doing your best to keep everyone happy and healthy through this hard time.

Bailey Schaeffer

Thank you for all of your hard work and sacrifices during this challenging time! Stay safe & healthy!

Nicole Lanning

Thank you for your courage and sacrifice in helping the state and country!


Merhunissa T Woods

Thank you to everyone who suits up and walks out their door every day during this difficult time. You are an inspiration.

Maryann McCarthy

JT Neuffer

Thank you for all that you are doing. You are amazing!!


Thank you for all you do to serve our community and help those in need. We appreciate you and the sacrifices you must make to keep us safe.

The Dail’s

Thank you to the health care workers, and the teachers of the workers. <3

Dr. Melissa and Mrs. Heather Howse-Kurtz

Thank you to all medical professionals on the front line!! We appreciate all you do every day!!

Elliott & Melissa Stowe

To all of you who are putting other lives above yours, thank you so much.

Jimmy Stahl

Thank you for all you do. ?


Thank you so very much for everything you've done, are doing, and will do for others. True heroes.

Kam Chancellor

Thank you so much for all you have done on the forefront to keep us safe! I know it is a crazy time and no one signed up for this, but we are so proud of everything you are doing and so thankful for your services. Keep up the amazing work!

Casey Dornhecker

Thank you for your dedication to the health and safety of our community. You are our superheros! Love and prayers for you and for your families!


Thanks for all you do to make our community safer, healthier and kinder. We are with you!

Jeremy D. Bonfiglio

Thank you for your dedication, knowledge, and sacrifice!


Thank you, sister. <3

Deleeshia Hall

Thank you and God bless each of you for staying on the front lines to help the rest of us. Each one of you is awesome, and we can't be more grateful!

Deb Montcalm

Hooper Family

Thank you for showing up on the front lines of this pandemic everyday to take care of us. You are greatly appreciated ❤️

George and Carole Rosenthal

We know how hard it can be to step out that door every day, but you do it to help were it is needed. You are amazing! We would like to Thank each and every one of you. Stay safe and healthy my friends. We will keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

Donna and Duane Curtis

As someone who has his entire family in the healthcare field, I can not thank you enough for your courage, sacrifice, and your efforts doing these times. Our county and our state owes you all a big debt of gratitude for what your are doing. God Bless.

Zak Wasserman

We see you. We need you. We are alive because of you. We appreciate you.

Kari Cheevers

Thank you so much for all you do for everyone. I cannot express how much we appreciate you. I hope you and your families stay safe and healthy too during this crisis.

Keri McGarr

Thank you to all for your work during this time. You are so appreciated!

Erin M.

A big shout out to everyone who is working hard to care for all our sick community members. Your willingness to work hard is an inspiration to all to do better! God bless and protect you!

Mary Jo

THANK YOU!!! Words cannot express the appreciation felt for all those working to keep us safe and secure.

Mike Westrick

Thank you for risking your health and safety to serve our community. Words can not express our gratitude.

Jen O'Flynn

Thank You for your service and dedication


Thank you doesn't even begin to say it. You're all simply amazing. God Bless!

Chad Dee

Thanks for all of your hard work!

Daniel Bastien

Thank you to all of the people who are working hard to protect the rest of us.While I appreciate the efforts of everyone I want to give a special shout out to the medical personnel treating those infected with the virus. The patients are isolated from their families and for those that succumb to the virus they are the last human contact. It must be extremely difficult and add to that the worry that they may take it home to their loved ones.

I know many of our graduates are placed in this horrific ongoing horror and I can’t thank them enough.


Mike Lindley

Thank you for your sacrifice and service. You are making a difference!

Selene Anderson

Thanks for keeping us safe and keeping the wheels on the bus!

Mark Kelly, Director of the Teaching & Learning Center

I would like to say thank you to all of the local heroes who are still out working in the community to keep things running. The sacrifices that you are making will not be forgotten. At a time when you are needed most, you are definitely stepping up and meeting the challenge head-on. Please know that the community appreciates you!

Brad Byerle

Thank you so very much for your hard work, dedication, and service! We CANNOT get through this difficult time without your expertise and abilities. So thank you for your courage and willingness to fight on the frontlines for all of us and our families :)

Brian Zingo

Thank you for everything you do to take care of our community. Thank you for loving your patients and doing things for them that their friends and family cannot do at this time. Your kindness and compassion are an example to us all.

Mary Jo Tomasini

A BIG thanks to each and every one of you! What would we do without people like you. Know that you are not taken for granted, we are thankful and proud of the work you do. May God bless you all.

Kim S

thank you for your hard work and dedication. You are appreciated!!

Rebecca S.

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes it just shows up day after day and gets through, and because of that, other people get through, and so are leaders made. Thank you for your service.

Brandon Pierce

Keep up the great work!!

Dave Barrett

Praying for the health and safety of all of you on the front lines. You are inspiring to me! Thank you!

Denise Gardner

Anyone working to keep us safe, healthy, informed and as close to our normal lives as possible - THANK YOU!

Kathy Burnett

I would like to thank you for your service during this difficult time! You are in our hearts and prayers, please stay safe!♥️


Thank you for your courage and selflessness!

Danny Langston

Thanks to you, and your families, for your critical work to keep us safe, fed and tend to those in greatest need during this difficult time.

Joe Z

Thank you for continuing to give the gift of your time and talent to protect our community. I pray for the good health of you and your family during this extraordinary time. We are truly blessed by your unrelenting selflessness.

Ken Flowers

Your efforts of compassion to support our community does not go unrecognized. You're truly our heroes.

Marla Clark, Dean of Health Sciences

Thank you for the sacrifices you make everyday to keep us safe and care for our loved ones.


Thank you to all who are on the front lines, both in the community and at our college. From health care workers to those picking up home refuse to stocking the shelves of local grocery stores and filling critical prescriptions, you are providing vital services at huge personal costs. We are learning a lot about just how strong our community is through this crisis.

Anne Erdman

Thank you so much for all that you are doing to help others!

Denise Eberth

You're all heroes! Each one of you is committing yourself to the care and comfort of others and you have my eternal gratitude.

Daniel Kmitta

Words cannot express how much we appreciate you and all the work you do. Your daily sacrifices, make our daily lives possible. Thank you to your family and for your dedication. You're AMAZING!

Melissa Emery

Thank you for the hard work you are doing. We are all in your debt. God bless you!

Gary Roberts

Thank you for your time and sacrifice! It means so much!


Thank you to all of the brave health care workers. You give us hope in this difficult time.

John F. Beck

Thank you for all you do! You’re appreciated!

Ric’Kesha Swanson

Thank you.

Chloe Cook

Kate Attila Hyska

You are the front lines and should be heralded as heroes.

Todd A. Blake

Nathan Main

I'm not sure there are enough words or thank you's to adequately express how thankful we are for you, but please know that we are.

Becky French

Every day that I hear of the work you are doing, the people you are serving, the risks you are taking, and the progress you are achieving, however big or small each day, for our community and beyond, I am personally humbled and immensely grateful for each and every one of you. Your time, sacrifices, and immeasurable passion for those in need is appreciated and will not go unnoticed. Thank you for supporting us in our health and safety, and please know that you have our support as well.

Ken Kettler

Thank you for all you do! You are in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers daily.

Dr. Dana J. Jenkins Nursing Program Chair

Thank you for your sacrifice and service. You are making a difference!

Selene Anderson

LaToya Mason

Gracias por su trabajo!!! ?

Michel Moreno

Thank you for being our superheroes during this strange time we are living in as you risk your own health and safety to serve and protect the lives of everyone in the community. We look up to each and every one of you, wishing the best for your own health, as you guide and support us on this journey toward better health.

Scott L Pratt

You are irreplaceable. <3 The words 'thank you' are not enough. You are heroes, and I thank God for you and your coworkers every day.

Meghan P.

Kelly Johnston

Thank you!

Tozsha Smith

Words alone cannot express our gratitude for the self-less work you are doing to care for those stricken with this deadly virus. Thank you, and may God Bless You.

Sincerely, A.Steward

I just want you to know how much we appreciate all of you! Your dedication and selflessness is cherished by myself and my family. Thank you so much!

Melissa Grau

Thank you so much for all that you do. It is so very much appreciated. When we look back at this time in history, you will be remembered as the heroes who carried us through. For that, we thank you!

Charmae Sanders

Thank you for all that you do, my prayers are with you all!

Immanuel Williams

Appreciate all you do!

David Blumberg

Thank you for putting yourselves at risk every day to care for our community and families. Hold your head high and know that we appreciate you more than you will ever know!!!


Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to ensure that we're all taken care of. I know that is a job, life, sacrifice I could never do and I appreciate the hard work you do!! Stay safe and well!

Brittany Tanke

Kelli Hahn

Thanks to journalists reporting the news every day, to home health workers who are still taking care of my elderly neighbors, to local police and firefighters holding awesome parades for kids with shelter-in-place birthdays, to my Shipt shopper, to the farmers picking our produce, to our grocery store employees, to the daycare workers watching the children of our healthcare professionals, and to our hospital workers who I hope I won't need to see anytime soon. Stay safe and well. We owe you lifetimes of gratitude!

Candice Elders

John Dine

Thank you for your work and compassion. We all support you and wish you good health and strength <3

Jennifer J.

Thank you Michiana healthcare heroes for putting your lives on the line! We cannot thank you enough!

Caroline and Brendan Tubbs

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