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Financial Aid Handbook - Accessing Your Financial Aid Information on WaveLink

You may review the status of your financial aid at anytime on WaveLink. To access your financial aid information, you may follow the directions below. To access your WaveLink information, you will login using your WaveLink user name and password. If you are having problems with WaveLink, go to the end of this section.

Click on the LMC Student tab where you will see a box with the heading “Financial Aid” and three choices underneath:

Student Eligibility
Will give you information on any document requirements, your Satisfactory Academic Progress status, and allows you to see your academic history. Make sure you choose the correct academic year (usually the one on top).

Document Requirements
If there are any documents listed under “Unsatisfied Requirements,” you should get those documents to the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible. If it is a document that LMC can provide you with, there will be a link to the document, so you can print the form, complete it, and return it to the LMC Financial Aid Office.

Satisfactory Academic Progress
This will show your most recent Satisfactory Academic Progress status. If you have any questions about your status, you should contact the financial aid office.

Financial Aid Status
This area will give you information on your financial aid cost of attendance, financial aid awards, financial account information.

Financial Aid Awards
If you have a financial aid award, it will say, “You have been awarded financial aid which totals (your aid award).” This is the total of all aid (including work study, scholarships, and loans). To find detailed information, click on the word “awarded.” This will break your financial aid out by fund for the entire academic year. To get your information by semester, click on “Account Summary By Semester” at the bottom of the screen.

Financial Account Information
To see information on your charges, you can click on “account summary”. This will show you tuition, fees, and any other charges that are on your student account. Your financial aid will not show up in this area until it has been paid to your account, which generally occurs several weeks into the semester.

New to WaveLink?
If you have not used WaveLink before, your user name is automatically created when you first set up your WaveLink account. Your user name will be the first character of your first name, first four (4) characters of your last name, and three (3) random numeric values. If you have not already activated your new account, please go to WaveLink and click the setup link in the NOTICE box.

Problems with WaveLink?
If you have forgot your user name, password, or security question, you can click on the “Forgot User Name or Password?” link in the WaveLink login box and answer a security question. The original security question is a randomized question from your own personal information. Follow the directions to change the security question. All WaveLink login issues should be directed to the Information Technologies HelpDesk.