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Financial Aid Handbook - Reductions in Aid/Required Recalculations

If you officially drop all of your classes before the end of the Drop/Add period (usually about a week after classes begin), a 100% refund of your tuition will be made to your account. We suggest you return any books bought with Bookstore Credit to the LMC Bookstore for a refund or you will be billed for this amount. Your Flex Pay plan WILL activate for any bookstore charges that remain.

If you add or drop some classes during the Drop/Add period, the appropriate adjustments will be made to your financial aid award amounts based on the total number of credits enrolled at the end of the Drop/Add period. If you intend to add or drop classes, you may want to check with the Financial Aid Office to find out how it will affect your financial aid.

If you officially withdraw or stop attending your classes before the 60% point of the semester, a refund calculation will be performed based upon your last date of attendance. Adjustments will be made to your Federal financial aid based on the number of days you actually attended.

If the final grade you receive in all of your classes is an “E”, or a “W”, we must determine if you established eligibility for financial aid by actually attending your classes. Should our records show you did not establish eligibility for the financial aid given, you will have to repay all the aid which was credited to your account. If you have established eligibility, but you did not continue in attendance, adjustments will be made to your Federal financial aid based on your official withdrawal date or your last date of class attendance. If you attend your classes after the 60% point of the semester is passed, your Federal financial aid award will remain the same and no adjustments are made.

If you do not attend your classes and/or are reported as a no show by your instructors, your Federal financial aid will be adjusted by the number of credit hours that you did not attend. Some types of State financial aid may also be affected.

Examples of the refund calculation are available in the Financial Aid Office.

If your grades have been submitted, or you withdraw from courses before your financial aid has been disbursed, the financial aid office will need to determine how much, if any, of your aid you are able to receive. The disbursed amount will be based on the number of completed credits for that semester.