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Financial Aid Handbook - Your Financial Aid Award Letter

Once all of the documentation requirements have been received and processed by the Financial Aid Office, you will receive an award letter notification. Your award letter is an estimate of the amount of financial aid you are eligible for. If, for any reason, a change is made to your Free Application for Financial Aid (FAFSA), your eligibility could change. If your eligibility changes, you will receive a revised award letter informing you of the changes in your aid package.

If, after reviewing your award letter, you wish to discuss your financial aid award further, please contact the Financial Aid Office. We understand that special circumstances may occur, such as your, or your parents' loss of employment, etc., which may allow us to reconsider your eligibility for financial aid.

All financial aid listed on the award letter is subject to final funding by federal, state, institutional, or private sources and to revised information you may provide. The Financial Aid Office must revise any financial aid offer that was incorrectly computed, even if it was the mistake of the Financial Aid Office.

The aid amounts on your award letter are based on full‐time enrollment. If you are not enrolled full time, or aren’t sure, check the “Enrollment Status” chart below to determine your enrollment. If your enrollment status is not “full‐time”, check the “Less‐Than‐Full‐Time Aid Chart” below to determine your award amount.

Enrollment StatusCredit Hours
 12+ credits
 3/4 time
 9 - 11 credits
 1/2 time
 6 - 8 credits
 Less than 1/2 time
 Less than 6 credits

Less-Than-Full-Time Aid Chart
Aid Offered*
3/4 time1/2 time
Less than 1/2 time
 Federal Pell Grant
 Indian Tuition Waiver
 Tuition Tuition Tuition
 Michigan Competitive
 75% 50% Not Eligible
 Tuition Incentive Program (TIP)
Tuition & $250 fees
Tuition & $250 fees
 Not Eligible
 Work Study
 100% 100% Not Eligible
 Federal Direct Loans
 100% 100% Not Eligible

If there is a percentage in the box, multiply your semester award amount by the percentage in the box for the correct enrollment status.

Example: A full‐time Pell grant for fall is $2,000. For ¾ time, the amount would be $1,500, the ½ time amount would be $1,000, and less than half time amount would be $500.

If your full year Pell grant award is $1,400 or less, you should check with the Financial Aid Office if you will be less than full‐time. Depending on your enrollment status, you may not be able to receive your Pell award.

*For scholarships that are not state funded, read the scholarship requirements on the Scholarship Confirmation form for enrollment requirements.