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Frequently Asked Questions: Refunds

All Lake Michigan College refunds are distributed through Blackboard Pay™. Students must sign up online or on WaveLink and select a payment option. Students who do not register will automatically default to the paper check option.

What do I need to know about/do because of the new refund process?

All LMC refunds will now be processed through Blackboard Pay™, a Money Network® service. This enables students to be refunded by one of three options.

What are my refund options?

  1. Direct Deposit (3-5 business days): Refunds will be deposited in your checking or savings account and will be available after it's processed by Blackboard Pay™.
  2. LMC Pay Card (same day)
    Refunds will be added to this Money Network® enabled MasterCard® and disbursed to you.
  3. Paper Check (7-10 business days)
    Refunds will be sent to the address in Wavelink via U.S. mail after processing by Blackboard Pay™.

How often are refunds processed?

  • Financial aid refunds are processed within 14 days after disbursement.
  • Tuition refunds are processed every Friday excluding holidays.

How do I select my refund option?

  • Log into WaveLink and look for Student Refund in the Financial Aid section. The Student Refund link will take you to an external website to create an account and select your refund preference. 

How do I verify my refund has been processed?

  • The website where you created your refund account and preference provides you with the status and amount of your refund.

How can I change my preference for receiving refunds?

  • Log into the refund website with the user ID and password you created and change your refund preference.

I forgot my password and I am having trouble logging into my account.  How can I reset it?

  • Select "Reset Password" in the login area of the website.

How do I change my password?

  • Click the “Profile” tab, find the “Login Information” section, and change your password.  

What do I do if I did not receive my anticipated direct deposit refund?

  1.  Check your bank account to verify the funds were not received. If funds were not received, the transaction may have failed to deposit the refund into your account.
  2.  If the transaction failed, you will be notified at your LMC email address and the transaction will be tried again. Please verify your banking information and mailing address is accurate.

What do I do if I did not receive my paper check refund?

  • The Business Office at Lake Michigan College will notify you by phone to pick up your check. Please make sure your phone number(s) is up to date in Wavelink.

Will I need to sign up every term?

  • No, once you have made your refund type selection the information is valid each semester.

How do I update my personal information?

  • Use the "Personal Information" section in Wavelink to make updates. 

How do I know how much my refund is going to be?

  •  You can check the amount of your refund using the online account you created.

What happens if I do not login into my account and set up an option for my refund?

  • You will receive your refund via paper check.

Can I deposit my refund into someone else’s account if I do not have a checking or savings account?

  • Blackboard Pay™ and Lake Michigan College recommends you use your own account.
  • If you would like the refund deposited into another person's account, please provide the account information and bank routing number in the ACH option in your online account.
  • Make sure all information is accurate. Additional charges may apply for inaccurate account information.
  • Blackboard Pay™ and Lake Michigan College are not responsible beyond the transaction process.

Why hasn’t my financial aid been paid to my account and a refund sent to me yet?

There could be many reasons why your financial aid has not been posted to your account.  Some of   the common reasons are:

  • The initial disbursement date for the semester has not past yet;  This is usually about 30 days after the semester begins;
  • Your tracking requirements are not complete;  Please check your WaveLink account by going to Financial Aid Section;  Select ‘Eligibility’; Select ‘Student Requirements’;  All documents still ‘needed’ must be turned into the financial aid office before financial aid may be applied.
  • You are no longer eligible for financial aid due to poor Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP); You may verify your current SAP eligibility by going to the financial aid section of your WaveLink account; Select ‘Academic Progress’;
  • You have been reported as not attending for one or more of your classes or you have stopped attending all your classes;  your financial aid will be placed on hold until attendance is confirmed in classes.