Each student is responsible for his or her course schedule and any changes to it, such as adding, dropping, or withdrawing. WaveLink displays all courses for which a student is enrolled. Each student should print and inspect a schedule of his or her classes from WaveLink after registration and each time a change (drop, add, etc.) is made. Any discrepancy should be addressed immediately by making the appropriate change in WaveLink. Students requiring assistance may call (269) 927-8119.

Students add coursework to their schedule by enrolling through their WaveLink account. Students requiring registration assistance may call (269) 927-8119 or visit the One-Stop Registration area on any LMC campus. Students may register for Open Entry/Open Exit and Open Entry/Defined Exit courses throughout the semester up to the last two weeks of the semester.

To use their financial aid (this includes grants, most scholarships, loans, and work study), a student must be registered for all classes before the end of the add/drop period for the semester. This pertains to registration for all courses, including OE/OE, OE/DE and late starting classes.

Students drop coursework through their WaveLink account. Students requiring assistance to drop a course may call (269) 927-8119 or visit the One-Stop Registration area on any LMC campus. The student will receive a refund of any tuition and fees already paid for the dropped course. All Lake Michigan College refunds are distributed through a third-party. Students may drop a course only during the published drop dates. Open Entry/Open Exit, and Open Entry/Defined Exit courses are permitted to be dropped up to the end of the third day after registration.

Students may also complete the Add/Drop Form and submit it to the One-Stop at any campus location or the Records and Registration department.

Late Registration Procedure - Review this procedure listed under Tuition and Fees.

Students receiving financial aid (this includes grants, most scholarships, loans, and work study) must contact the Financial Aid Office prior to withdrawing from any course. Students are highly encouraged to check with the Financial Aid Office at finaid@lakemichigancollege.edu or (269) 927-8112 on the ramifications of withdrawing from classes, as each student’s situation can be different.

Students withdraw from a course by submitting the withdrawal form directly to the One-Stop Registration area at any LMC campus. Withdraws are not available through Wavelink. A withdraw does not qualify for a refund of tuition and fees. During the first 80% of the course, a student may withdraw with a guaranteed "W" grade without the instructor's permission. During the final 20% of the course, the student must confer with the instructor to request permission to withdraw. Permission to withdraw is solely at the discretion of the instructor. Withdrawal requests received after the last day of the class will not be honored. Specific withdraw dates are published in the College Calendar and the Class Schedule.


  • Discontinuing attendance in a class does not constitute dropping or withdrawing from a course. Failure to officially drop or withdraw from a course that the student is not attending will result in the grade earned according to grading criteria outlined in the course syllabus. A drop or withdrawal is not official until the student successfully completes and verifies the drop action in WaveLink or completes the appropriate withdrawal form and delivers it, in person, to the One-Stop Registration area on any LMC campus. No student should assume that an instructor has dropped or withdrawn him/her from a course.
  • Requests to add, drop, or withdraw from classes that are mailed or faxed (269-927-6875) to the College will be honored only if they are postmarked or received by the posted deadline. Mailed or faxed request must contain a readable copy of a photo ID which contains the student’s signature, full name, LMC ID number, specific instructions for amending the schedule, and the student’s signature matching the signature on the photo ID. Unsigned requests will not be honored.
  • Final grades are available via the student’s WaveLink approximately one week after the end of the semester. The student assumes responsibility to monitor grades at the end of the semester. Any grade challenges must be made within one semester after the grade has been issued.