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Gainful Employment Disclosure

Gainful employment is more than merely the opposite of unemployment. Gainful employment positively impacts the life of an individual, enhancing fulfillment, identity, and personal purpose, and presenting the individual with improved social support and challenges.

Lake Michigan College is committed to creating an educated workforce by offering occupational programs that lead to gainful employment. As we develop new programs, and add to existing coursework, LMC seeks input from local leaders and industry professionals to stay in tune with the needs of our community.

Graduates from LMC's certificate programs can be assured that they are learning current industry standards and practices in state-of-the-art labs using the latest equipment that lead to gainful employment.

We invite you to explore the many occupational offerings available at LMC and to learn the job outlook for specific occupational offerings, our completion rates, and financial costs associated with completion. The data provided within is based on enrollment from the last award-year.

Child Development


Dental Assisting

Energy Production Line Worker

Geospatial Information Science & Technology

Graphic Design

Hospitality Management


Machine Tool Technology

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Medical Assistant

Pharmacy Technician

Skilled Trade Technology

Disclaimer: This information complies with the US Department of Education's Gainful Employment Programs disclosure requirement. Gainful employment completions are based on the number of certificate earners who did not continue on with their studies at the Associate level at Lake Michigan College. Programs with 10 or less Gainful Employment completers will not have % on-time completions or median debt reported in order to prevent the unintentional disclosure of student identity. Program length assumes that the student successfully completes a full time load (12 credits) in a continuous succession of Fall and Winter semesters, and that the student requires no developmental course work.