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Alumni Association

The Lake Michigan College Alumni Association takes an active role in the College and in the community. Open to people who attended or graduated from Lake Michigan College or Benton Harbor Junior College, the Alumni Association provides an opportunity to participate in the progress of the College. The Association also sponsors annual Alumni Awards given to outstanding alumni during Commencement. For more information, contact the Manager, Advancement Programs and Stewardship, Rita Whise, at (269) 927-6278.

Every person that has attended LMC is automatically accorded a lifetime membership in the Alumni Association. We hope you will use your membership to advance the College and become involved in or remain in contact with us.
2014 Graduation

From the President

Your Alumni Association works to encourage and maintain a lifelong relationship between the College and its alumni, promotes the accomplishments and contributions of LMC alumni, and helps to advance LMC and its students. The strength of the Alumni Association is based on the excellence and involvement of our alumni. The Board of Directors encourages you to become involved, in touch, and informed about Lake Michigan College.
Sincerely, John Grover, President Lake Michigan College Alumni Association

Alumni Association Board of Directors

President, John Grover - 2001
Vice-President, Rich Remus - 1969


Jane Berglund-Hess - 2000 
Jim Boothby - 1979
Kristi Clark - 2003
Pamela Gabriel - 1990
Lora Heinz - 1998 
Kim Landeck - 1981

Brenda Layne - 1982
Heidi Lull - 1981 
Kevin Miller - 2002
Don Mitchell - 1984
Barbara Peeples - 1961
Dr. Gladys Peeples Burks - 1948
Alicia Razor - 2005
Gordon Schreiber - 1970
Esther Shoemaker - 1955
Rick Smiedendorf - 1977
Mary Jo Tomasini – 1985
Cathy Yates - 1987