Community Engagement

The Mendel Center – On the cusp of a new era as the center for engagement
Strong communities rely on centers of engagement to influence a way of life that attracts people to live and work there. Since the completion of the first phase of the Mendel Center nearly 40 years ago, it has reshaped the landscape in southwest Michigan.

The Mendel Center has changed our perception of ourselves as a community. It has become the focal point for professional collaboration, a destination for speakers from throughout the world, and a place where we come together to celebrate.

Modernizing the Mendel
To enhance the region’s level of connection and engagement, the College is embarking on the first phase of modernizing the Mendel Center. The Mendel Center lobby will be updated to improve guest service and amenities. Adjacent to the lobby is the Grand Upton Hall. The space will be refurbished to reflect current audio and visual technology, meet event and trade show standards, and accommodate the collaborative nature of the 21st century meeting environment.