Choosing a Major? Switching Careers? Let LMC's New Online Career Coach Guide You

Mar 20, 2018
Free career assessment and local job information now publicly available online.
Lake Michigan College just launched a new online Career Coach tool that will help  area residents make smarter decisions about their careers paths.  

Unlike national occupational data websites, LMC's Career Coach is customized for the Michiana area labor market, so users can see industry growth trends and salary data that reflect local opportunities. 

Career Coach is free, and it's for anyone who wants help choosing a good-paying career with local opportunities for growth, and also aligns with their own personal interests and strengths. 

There are three major components to Career Coach:

1. Career Assessment: The first is a six, or 60-question personality-to-career quiz. When the assessment is complete, Career Coach produces customized career suggestions that align with the user's unique set of strengths and interests.  

2. Browse Careers: Users who are already sure of their chosen career path can jump right in to search by broad field of interest or industry, or drill down to read specific job descriptions, salaries and required education. 

3. Browse Programs: Career Coach is connected with LMC's website, so when a user finds a career they're interested in, they can see which academic programs are offered that lead to those careers. Students are able to see the educational path, expected earnings and job market predictions so they can make informed decisions from the beginning. 

Anyone can take the assessment online, and then meet with an LMC advisor to go over the results. It's a tool for both prospective and current students who are still undecided about what they want to do. LMC staff and faculty are glad to have an early intervention resource that can prevent students from unnecessarily floundering, dropping classes and not completing what they started. 

Visit for more information. Watch the video to see how it works.