Lake Michigan College Offers Several Options for Summer Learning

Mar 27, 2018
Ten-week classes from May 29 to August 8 make it convenient for recent high school graduates and college students home for summer break to get ahead in their college coursework.

Lake Michigan College is now enrolling students for the summer 2018 term.

Classes will be held at the Benton Harbor, Niles-Bertrand Crossing and South Haven campuses, and almost 40 classes are offered fully or partially online.

Most classes will run ten weeks from May 29 to August 8, to accommodate students who are just graduating from high school or visiting home from four year universities. Classes are also offered in five, seven and 14-week durations. Class start dates are May 14, May 29, July 12 and July 16.

Many four-year university students who are coming home to the area on summer break are registering as guest students to earn credits that count toward their degrees but cost about 50-75% less compared with average university tuition rates. Another draw is LMC’s small class when tackling challenging subjects like anatomy, chemistry or statistics. 

Other students take summer classes to graduate sooner, or lighten their loads during the rest of the year, especially if they’re balancing school with jobs, family or other responsibilities.

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