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English, foreign language and the humanities help us interact with and understand each other and our world. The humanities offer the opportunity to explore a variety of topics to understand various aspects of human culture throughout the ages.

English and foreign language help people communicate. Society is now a "global village," and some occupations offer interactions daily with people who speak multiple languages. Add to that the expansion in forms of communication such as through online tools, and it's easy to see the need for those who can write and speak effectively.

Those who earn associate degrees in English, foreign language or the humanities usually transfer to a four-year college or university to pursue a bachelor's degree. Lake Michigan College offers associate degree programs designed to transfer to four-year colleges or universities.

Students who earn bachelor's with degrees in humanities often become curators, librarians and attorneys. Those who graduate with four-year degrees in English or a foreign language tend to become content or copywriters, translators, technical or creative writers, or interpreters.

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