Health Sciences

In a health sciences career, each day is a new opportunity to help men, women, and children live healthy lives. You might make smiles shine as a dental hygienist, schedule appointments as a medical assistant, or snap x-rays as a radiology technician. You might work in a doctor’s office, or in a hospital, as a nurse, or in a drug store as a pharmacy technician.

As a student in the health sciences, you’ll use life-like models in our labs to learn the hands-on tasks you’ll need to do your job. You’ll learn from teachers who are leaders in their fields, but remember what it was like when they were just starting out. As you make your way through challenging coursework and late night study sessions, you’ll feel confident that your hard work will pay off. An impressive 98% of our health sciences students land jobs after graduation!

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Contact Info

Dean of Health Sciences:  Marla Clark  (269) 927-8762
Dental Assisting Director:  Julie Uribe  (269) 927-8197
Health Education Institute:  (269) 927-8768
Medical Assisting Program:  Nicole Lanning  (269) 927-8149
MRI Faculty Advisor:  Marla Clark  (269) 927-8762
Nursing Program Director:  Kathleen Szymanski  (269) 927-8864
Pharmacy Technician Program:  (269) 927-8768
Radiologic Technology Director:  Ildiko Widman  (269) 927-8100 ext. 5102
Sonography Program Director:  Beth Zak  (269) 927-8870
Advisor:  Ken Kettler  (269) 927-6544
Admissions:  Alexis Johns  (269) 927-8748