What does it take to be a modern “Maker?” 

The new generation of manufacturers are creative and curious problem solvers on the bleeding edge of technology. 

They imagine, build and innovate at the lightening speed of changing markets. They propel us into once-unimaginable 3-D printed futures. From welding to the “internet of things,” manufacturers build the world around us. 

At LMC, you can engineer the perfect career for you. Start taking hands-on advanced manufacturing or energy classes in your first semester, and earn a livable wage in as little as one year with our many certification options. Courses are offered in mechatronics, computer numerical control (CNC) programming, drafting, CAD, electronics, radiation protection, welding, industrial maintenance, machine tool, robotics, manufacturing technology, and more.

You can also continue with advanced mathematics courses on your way to an engineering career. The faculty and advisors at LMC can help you plan a path that works for you.

The Technology Programs at Lake Michigan College is housed in the new Hanson Technology Center on the Napier Avenue Campus where students use the latest technology available, including CNC, robotics, machine tooling, MIG/TIG welding, 3D printing, and more.

Students in the Technology Programs will be prepared for the revitalized and revolutionized technology industries, both local and national. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math - or STEM - careers are proving to be among the United States' largest growth fields. The demand for highly skilled employees is growing faster than the supply, and LMC will prepare you to take full advantage of these advanced opportunities.

Connections - Apprenticeship Programs

Lake Michigan College works with industry experts to make sure that graduates are getting the right training to be immediately employable. Many area businesses send their employees through LMC's apprenticeship program to ensure that they are prepared with the knowledge and skills to work with the most current equipment and technology.

Students who are not yet employed, but are seeking a career in the manufacturing industry, may find the General Technology program very useful. Plan your courses with input from an LMC advisor.

As an LMC graduate, you will have a certificate or degree trusted by local employers, as well as connections that will help you find a job in your field.

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Welding Lecturer:   Nathan Kramb   nkramb@lakemichigancollege.edu   (269) 927-4244
Industrial Maintenance Instructor:   Kevin Kreitner   kkreitner@lakemichigancollege.edu   (269) 927-8100 ext. 3033
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