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Graduation Requirements

Once you complete the general education and degree requirements for graduation, you will be eligible to apply for the appropriate bachelor's or associate’s degree from Lake Michigan College. If you complete requirements for a certificate program, you will be eligible to apply for a Level 1 Certificate or Certificate of Achievement. You may graduate at the end of the fall or spring semesters, or summer term, with commencement exercises held annually at the close of the spring semester in early May. Participation in commencement does not mean that you have completed all of the requirements for your degree or certificate.

The difference between Graduation and the Commencement Ceremony:

Graduation refers to receiving a degree, diploma or certificate once you have been certified by the College as having met all requirements. After you submit an application for graduation, confirmation is made that all graduation requirements have been met, and that the degree or certificate is noted in the College’s student information system so that it displays on your LMC transcript. Diplomas are printed and mailed after the degree confirmation process is complete, approximately 30 days after the end of the semester.

Commencement Ceremony is an event. It is an opportunity for students, families, friends and the LMC community to celebrate your academic accomplishments. Participation in the ceremony does not mean that you have graduated. You will not receive your degree or diploma on that day. LMC holds one ceremony each year.