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Auditing Courses

LMC Revised Date

Office of Origin: Academic & Student Services
Date Adopted:
Date Reviewed: 10-24-08
Last Date Modified & Approved: 10-24-08

Policy Statement:

To AUDIT is to take an academic course for NO CREDIT. Some of the reasons for auditing are personal exploration, enjoyment or gaining insight into a new subject.

A student wishing to attend a credit course on a no-credit basis may register to audit the course; however, when openings in a class are limited, preference shall be given to students enrolling for credit. Tuition is paid at the same rate as for a credit course and the same attendance policy applies. Students receiving Financial Aid or Veteran’s Benefits will not be certified to receive aid or benefits for audited courses. A student may change from audit to credit and vice versa only during the Add/Drop period.

Responsibility: Executive Dean, Student Services


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