Benefits - Administrative, Classified & Maintenance Employees, Part-Time

Office of Origin: Human Resources
Date Adopted: 11-22-88
Last Date Modified & Approved:

Regular part-time administrative, classified and maintenance employees at Lake Michigan College are eligible for certain employee benefits:

Tuition Benefits
Regular part-time employees working twenty (20) hours per week or more are eligible for the reimbursement of 50% of the tuition paid for Lake Michigan College credit classes by the employee, his/her spouse, and dependents. All fees are administratively determined and shall be paid by the individual registered in the class.

Michigan Public Schools Retirement System
The current standard contribution to the Michigan Public School Employees' Retirement System is paid in full by the College. Additional employee contributions may be deducted under the guide lines of the MPSERS as amended from time to time.

Payroll Deduction and Direct Deposit
The Board shall make available payroll deductions and direct deposit of paychecks as approved by the Comptroller.

Vacation Days
Regular part-time employees shall be entitled to five days of paid vacation for each 1,000 hours worked. "A day" is determined by the regular number of hours the employee normally works during a day (i.e. 4 hrs/day).

Sick Days
Regular part-time employees shall be entitled to one sick day for each equated month worked (21 cumulative working days). "A day" is determined by the regular number of hours the employee normally works during a day, and may be accumulated to a maximum of 15 days.

General Guidelines
Supervisors of regular part-time employees will verify hours worked and submit the time sheets to Payroll where the hours will be accumulated to determine eligibility for vacation and sick days. Vacation days and sick days will be noted on the time sheet as they are used, but will not be counted toward further accumulation of vacation and sick days. If the College is closed due to an emergency (i.e., snow, power outage) during a regularly scheduled work time, the day will be counted as time worked, and the employee will be paid. Copies of the hourly records will be forwarded to Human Resources monthly so that the employees may be notified of their available vacation and sick time.

Responsibility:V.P., Administrative Services & Special Assistant to the President